Our team

Ten Fairies Are Better Than One

10 fairies and their teams of outstanding volunteers rally their know-how and their skills toward a common goal: to make the end of the year sparkle for hundreds of young students.

Board of Directors

Linda Blouin

President and Founder

After 32 years as a disadvantaged teacher, Linda made the decision to retire from teaching in order to devote herself to other challenges.

Now his energies are reserved for his loved ones, his studies in philanthropic management and naturally to Fairy Godmothers.

Her love for youth continues through the mission of the Fairy Godmothers, an organism that she carries in her heart and for which she does not spare her energies.

Brigitte Dupré


Brigitte has been involved in the Fairies Godmothers project since its creation. She made a career at Telefilm Canada where she held several positions including that of Project Manager for the promotion of Canadian television and film talent in Markets and Festivals on the international scene. She has also acted as an investment analyst and international co-productions, has managed juries and low budget scriptwriting and filmmaking programs, and is responsible for the creation of Grand Flirt and Perfect Match, events intended to promote new professional alliances. Creative and daring, challenges are one of her great sources of motivation.

Marion Duchesne


Founder and CEO of Mediaclip, Marion holds an MBA in Strategic Planning and a degree in Entrepreneurship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Marion is the recipient of several awards and recognitions and is very active in the business world.

Mother of 2 children, she spends her time between her family, her company’s internationalization and her involvement with the Fairy Godmothers Project.

Élisabeth Martin


With a master’s degree in literature from the University of Alberta, Elisabeth has worked for many years in the field of communications and project management. After being involved for a long time on the board of directors of her daughters’ child care services, she decided to continue her involvement with the Fairy Godmothers.

Energetic, hyperactive and cultural bulimic, she divides her time with her family and numerous cultural and sporting activities.

Isabelle Corneau


Employed by a large accounting firm, Isabelle is responsible for the implementation of strategy and operations for the Assurance group. She is also involved in corporate responsibility initiatives in the Montreal office as the local team leader.

Inspired by the idea of ​​giving it back, Isabelle uses her expertise and knowledge to help organizations whose objective is the outreach and development of young people.

In addition to being involved in the Fairy Godmothers Project, she is also involved in Operation Santa Claus.

Marjolaine Lachance

Business Development

A lawyer by training, Marjolaine has worked in various operational groups with a client interface and human resources at Bell and is now responsible for the Bell Community and Philanthropic Investments in Quebec.

A mother of two boys, one of whom has special needs, Marjolaine has contributed to numerous parent committees and fundraising committees for various causes such as the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Kids Help Phone, Francois-Michelle Center and the Fairy Godmothers. Her volunteerism is focused on the well-being of young people and the fulfillment of their full potential.


Danielle Barbeau


With a degree in administration and employment from one of the largest financial institutions in Quebec for over 30 years, Danielle holds the position of executive assistant within the general management of her organization.

She works closely in the coordination, planning and prioritization of senior management activities.

For many years, Danielle has also been involved with various boards of directors of non-profit organizations in her community.

Volunteering has always been important to her, it is with great happiness that she accepted to join the beautiful family of the Fairy Godmothers Project.

Kenza Mahrouch


Kenza is a CPA, CA and has over 15 years of professional experience in accounting and financial management, gained in different industries. Mother of 2 boys, she devotes her time between work and her little family. Having long wanted to get involved in the community, it was with joy and impatience that she accepted when she was asked to get involved in the Fairy Godmothers Project.