Who We Are

A Magical Mission

Our mission is to promote social inclusion, self-fulfillment and academic perseverance among vulnerable Secondary 5 students in the Greater Montreal area, by providing them with a complete prom outfit and post-secondary scholarships, free of charge.

We tiptoe around the event, discreetly, so that our protégés can take part in this unforgettable event with dignity and pride, without etiquette or prejudice.

Our concept is simple: to collect second-hand prom dresses, evening shoes and chic handbags and offer them free of charge to these courageous and resilient young girls who, without this help, would not be able to attend this passage to adulthood. What’s more, we give these used items a second life, demonstrating our eco-responsibility.

Magic for all the graduates

Once Upon A Time...

Linda Blouin, teacher for more than 25 years at the Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry school in Saint-Léonard, oversaw the prom’s organization for 16 years.

Over the years, she noticed that some students expressed their disinterest for this significant event crowning yet 5 years of effort and surpassing oneself.

When the lack of financial means prevents some graduates from participating, she pulls out her magic wand while calling upon her colleagues and her brother to find prom dresses, with the deep desire for these girls to be able to enjoy this long-awaited moment, with a light heart.

It is thanks to Linda’s desire, her supporters and a former student’s will, Geneviève Peel, for wanting to make a difference in the lives of these young women that the Fairy godmothers Project was born, in 2014.

Prom may seem superficial in a lifetime, but I firmly believe that all young people deserve to experience this magical evening where their efforts, as well as their transition into another stage of their journey, are honored.

Linda Blouin, founder of Fairy Godmothers