In 2019, the Fairy Godmothers organization put some magic into the lives of 400 graduates

Fairy Godmothers, it’s :

Seeing pride on their faces
Encouraging social inclusion
Promote school perseverance


Our Mission

Fairy Godmothers wishes to allow the greatest number of Secondary 5 students from underprivileged backgrounds in the greater Montreal area, to participate in the end of the year prom.

Gold Allies

The Fairy Godmothers project would not exist without the precious help of our partners

Self-confidence, a lifetime gift

The prom is a moment that I have been waiting for a long time. When I became aware of the existence of Fairy Godmothers, I regained some confidence in myself. Why? Simply because for a girl, self-esteem is an important element, and your help will only grow mine. It's not just a dress you offer. It's happiness because I will finally feel good about myself.

Véronique, 2019

Make a difference!